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African Outlet Experience at Carnival 2012 San Francisco, CA

May 29, 2012

This Year I joined African Outlet Experience at the 2012 Carnival Parade in San Francisco on May 27th. Had a wonderful time joining them by dancing as a villager girl and banging on a traditional bell called “oghene”. Taking this opportunity to share some of my experience with all these wonderful mostly new friends. What I mostly was able to capture with my little cell phone was Pre-Parade presence Starting with traditional African blessings. Managed to capture a couple of shots at the after-parade party too at their store on 524 Octavia st. (Corner of Ivy near Hayes St.) Big up to everyone on the African Outlet troupe and much thanks to all who made it out to Mission area to see the parade! Judah and Horgan of African Outlet, I can’t thank you enough for bringing Africa to us (of course getting us all involved in the positive magic you bring) and so much more color to our world.




Deep Green Festival April 21st 2012

April 23, 2012

Couldn’t have had a better time this Saturday April 21st 2012! I was invited by (Fashion Show Producer and Book Keeper) Samantha Ross to attend this year’s Deep Green Festival. Was a very down to earth gathering of people with positive, supporting and celebratory feeling all around. Making use of my incredibly low quality camera phone, I took some ok shots to share with the world.

The Deep Green Festival will be happening again next year so if you plan to be in the Bay area around Earth Day and feeling the innovative spirit of green living you should definitely consider attending. For more information check out

Beautiful Scenes in Chile

July 25, 2010

Golden Sunset

Private Beach, Pacific Ocean

Bee in Flight

Free Chicken

Hidden River on Rural Road

Lizard Sunbathing on Pyrite Rocks

Which way is it?

Strong Survivors!

Blazing Red Sunset

Coca-Cola's Peacock