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Last Friday’s Art Show

September 17, 2013

Last friday Sept. 13th I had the honor of hanging more art at Plug n’ Play Music Studios.

This time my good friends Keegan and Tina also showed their works.

Everyone attending was invited to participate in collaborative live art. Image

We got to see my art displayed under the black lights!


This will be going on again once every month. Every month we will try to change up some of the art. All the art is still up in the halls providing inspiration to musicians, If you happen to be at Plug n’ Play check it out!

Much thanks to everyone involved with making this happen.

Supporting Drea’s Art

September 5, 2013

Thank you so much to anyone who has supported my art in any way.

Currently I have a fundraiser with great gifts for supporters, many rare original pieces currently unavailable anywhere else as well as the opportunity to have your page links here on my blog.

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Small Drawings available for a limited time at


To buy completed original paintings online from my shop at

Commission Drea to do painting or graphic just for you (send me a message describing your art needs and compensation offer).

Come to an art show… stay tuned for places and times….

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Thank you for reading and supporting fine-artists.