Glimpses of Destruction in Chile After Quake

Two months after tremendous earthquakes hit Chile.

Featured Towns: Buchalemu, Hualane, Sagrada Famila, Lolol and Santa Cruz.

Buchalemu: tidal wave location

Peligro, Tsumani Zone (Buchalemu Beach)

Buchalemu Neighborhood Street

"El Tio's" House, Buchalemu

Donde El Tio Vuelve, Buchalemu

Hualane, Open for Business

Zona Zero, Hualane

Inside Zona Zero

Sagrada Famila

Sagrada Familia, House on Corner

The state of many, Sagrada Familia

Marked for demolition, Lolol

House in Lolol

Near Lolol

Vicki's Car, Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz Historic Church

Deconstruction before, reconstruction.

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One Response to “Glimpses of Destruction in Chile After Quake”

  1. Wendy Says:

    Wow…I am so glad your family is okay. 🙂

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